Patrick is a writer, editor and expedition guide based in Melbourne, Australia. When he’s not writing, he’s walking; either across countries or to his local pub.


Nice things that have happened to him

Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2020 – Winner, for ‘Blitzkrieg

Lane Cove Literary Award 2021 – Longlisted

Swinburne Microfiction Challenge 2019 – Finalist, for ‘Blue Cabin’

‘The Manly Thing’. Published in Suspiria: an anthology (2019). Clover Press.

‘Danube Dreaming.’ Memoria Podcast (2020).

Selected work:

Money talks: How can you donate to have the most climate impact?

Everything you need to know about pet nat wines

A beginner’s guide to tasting red wine

Scotch whisky vs American whiskey

Nice words that have been said about him

‘This story – of love, albeit fleeting and unrequited – is
marvellously fresh and adventurous. There is a deliciously strange quality to the drama, and the characters are vivid. A distinct sense of creative risk-taking pervades the work, especially in the way it is presented almost as a poem. I have not forgotten the story and its people, and I am sure others will not forget it either.’ – Nigel Featherstone, Judge of the Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2020.

‘The Bill Bryson of pandemic orgies.’ – A stranger, commenting on a Facebook post.

Nice people that he’s worked with