Patrick is a writer, editor and expedition guide based in Melbourne, Australia. When he’s not writing, he’s walking; either across countries or to his local pub.


Nice things that have happened to him

Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize (2020) – Winner, for ‘Blitzkrieg

Dead Cat: a Brief Treatise on Modern Greco-Turkish Relations.’ Astray Project.

Lane Cove Literary Award & Djillong Short Story Competition (2021) – Longlisted, for ‘Elsie’s Swim Club

Swinburne Microfiction Challenge (2019) – Finalist, for ‘Blue Cabin’

‘The Manly Thing’. Published in Suspiria: an anthology (2019). Clover Press.

‘Danube Dreaming.’ Memoria Podcast (2020).

‘A Pint of Purpose.’ Global Hobo.

Artist residency at Mattie Furphy House, Western Australia (2021)

Nice words that have been said about him

‘This story – of love, albeit fleeting and unrequited – is
marvellously fresh and adventurous. There is a deliciously strange quality to the drama, and the characters are vivid. A distinct sense of creative risk-taking pervades the work, especially in the way it is presented almost as a poem. I have not forgotten the story and its people, and I am sure others will not forget it either.’ – Nigel Featherstone, Judge of the Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2020.

‘The Bill Bryson of pandemic orgies.’ – A stranger, commenting on a Facebook post.